August 2009 // Youtube drawings at Colette Paris

Without you there ain't no us

Text: Brian Fichtner /

Exhibition at Colette Paris.

In an attempt to disrupt the haphazard collection of archived videos that YouTube has become, artist duo Comenius Roethlisberger and Admir Jahic transformed the visual (and virtual) language of “broadcasting” into a physical medium by producing drawings on heavy handmade paper and recreating virtual references by allowing elemental art materials to do what they do best and add to the confusion.

Each drawing is 21 inches x 31 inches / 56cm x 76cm and based on a rendered freeze-frame, complete with video title, user ratings and number of views. The artist duo started the drawings series in 2008.

The resulting collection is both distressing and humorous in its ability to highlight our often vulgar predilections.

Two-dimensional depictions of YouTube drawings, have empowered the pen as an anonymous cultural ambassador.

While this phenomenon has already and will continue to fascinate theorists and strategists of all sorts, for most users, it is a childlike, secure, fascinating (often voyeuristic) and absurdly informative trip. So much to learn, listen to and laugh about. Without You Baby, There Ain’t Know us, joins in this celebration and comments on it through commitment, time and naively stylized depictions of their favorite YouTube clips.