October 2021 // MUSIC – A Conversation Through Song Titles

After Swiss artist duo Admir Jahic & Comenius Roethlisberger launched the “ARTISTS’ RECIPES” in 2015, the publication is now in the third reprinting and available in museums and bookstores around the globe.

The follow up publication «MUSIC – A Conversation Through Song Titles», similar to the book Artists’ Recipes, MUSIC features great contributions and illustrations with artists form around the world like:

Albert Oehlen, Judith Bernstein, Alicja Kwade, Richard Deacon, Jeppe Hein, Superflex, Ryan Gander, Roger Ballen, Claudia Comte, Erwin Wurm, Silvia Bächli, and many more.
«MUSIC – A Conversation Through Song Titles» is more than a collection of letters, it combines music with art: The book shows in addition to the conversations also drawings, collages and photographs of the participating artists.

Along with regular bookshops, “Music” will be available in museums and concept stores around the world.

Lawrence Weiner
Alicia Kwade