November 2016 // Lisbon Adventures | Rua Madalena Project

Madalena Project

Dear friends, we would like to invite you to the show „HERE“ in Lissabon. Curated by Andreas Belittler (Communication of Art, Schaulager Basel). We are very happy to be a part of it, artists already participated to the project are Pedro Barateiro, Alexandre Estrela, Kilian Rüthemann and more.

We had a great time here some impressions.

An exhibition curated by Andreas Blättler with the artists Martim Brion & Jahic / Röthlisberger | Opening Thursday 13.10.2016 from 19h30 till 22h00

Rua Madalena Project

Rua da Madalena 119/121, Lisbon | The exhibition will be on show from 13.10.2016 till 13.11.2016 | Opening hours: Thursday till Saturday from 15h00 till 18h00 | Free Entry

Coast of Portugal
Drawing Lines
Painting on Foil